A bit of history

A bit of history

In 2011 we set out to position ourselves as the most trusted name in high quality sustainable certified coffee sourcing in Colombia.
Our company originated with the purpose of promoting certified coffees supporting small farmer associations throughout Colombia to get certified, while growing our presence in countries such as: United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, and Japan.

Since 2018, we've expanded our Microlot line in Colombia by partnering closely with local producers. Together, we've refined processing techniques and provided equipment support, while actively promoting their coffees to roasters worldwide. Starting small, we've grown to a significant share of our total volume.

Our key partnership in this endeavor has been with a group of young, forward-thinking producers hailing from Huila and Cauca. Nestor Lasso, Adrian Lasso, and Jhoan Vergara, alongside others like Jhonathan Gasca and Paola Trujillo, have led the charge in crafting complex profiles through meticulously controlled and replicable processes. Together, we've curated a diverse range of microlots, including washed, natural processed, and competition-grade coffees. From impeccably clean washed profiles to fruit-forward ones with extended fermentation, our offerings cater to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences.

In 2022, we provided the Chiroso coffee that propelled Anthony Douglas to victory at the WBC. The following years, our Competition coffees were chosen by numerous National Barista and Brewers Cup champions from Australia, Holland, Italy, Indonesia, Poland, the United States, and Saudi Arabia. We eagerly anticipate seeing several of these champions in Chicago and Busan later this year.