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Additive Synthesis Concept

The Brown Coffee color at the center is created by blending light with the five Colors representative of the categories.

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Ombligon Floral Symphony
Natural By Nestor Lasso

From $12.00

Ombligon is the localized term used for this Ethiopian Landrace Variety. Ombligo is belly button in Spanish, and is the reason why locals refer to this variety as the cherry has a belly. It is rare to find and there is talk that the variety arrived to Colombia from Central America, but there is no record of the precise provenance nor date.

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We are specialized and experienced in supplying exotic Competition lots, the finest Processed & Washed Microlots, differentiated – consistent High Cup Score Regionals and reliable – traceable Certified Colombian Coffees.


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World Barista Champion 2024

We are so proud that Mikael Jasin, new World Barista Champion 2024 from Indonesia competed using one of our coffees - Aji Bourbon Tropical Natural by Nestor and Adrian Lasso from Finca El Diviso. Congratulations Miki!

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Our Head Office is located in the northern part of Bogotá, just 2 blocks away from the main Calle 72 and Carrera 7 intersection. You may visit our take out bar counter and delight with any of our coffees on our portfolio. You are always welcome!

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