Lohas Partners - Pao Trujillo

Born in Pescador - Cauca on November 16th, 1986

  • Carlos Trujillo

  • Maria Angela Paz

  • Angela Patricia

    • • Graduated Guillermo Leon Valencia, Pescador - Cauca
    • • Chemical Engineer from Universidad Nacional in Manizales - Caldas
    • • Specialization in Project Management in Cauca University - Popayan - Cauca.
    • Municipality of Pescador - Cauca

    • 1,570 M.A.S.L

    • 11 ha.

    • Pink Bourbon, Geisha, Lychee, Rose Apple, Wush Wush, Typica, SL28, Sidra Bourbon, Aji Bourbon, Laurina, Castillo, Colombia.

Patio Bonito is a family farm in Caldono, Cauca. Its owner, Carlos Arturo Trujillo, has been a coffee producer for 40 years and says: “It has been a long road, but in the end it is very satisfying.” He has the unconditional support of his family, his wife and daughters have been an essential part of helping Carlos perfect the quality processes in his coffee. The farm has 11 hectares, with 9 hectares growing 45,000 coffee trees of some varieties. Carlos Trujillo and his family are passionate in their pursuit of quality and their attention to detail in every aspect of the farm. According to Team Trujillo, all operations at Patio Bonito are based on three fundamental values: food security, conservation and soil management around coffee crops. The mission of the farm is “to provide alternatives and training for farmers and students in the management, conservation and exploration of natural resources and the environment”.

The family philosophy is “The best legacy we can leave our children is: love, knowledge and a planet to live on”.